What is the ExpoPolis solution?

A grey label modular and integrated SAAS software, which meets all the organisational needs of virtual fairs. Highly adaptable to the specific needs of different sectors, the software developed by ExpoPolis can be used to organise both temporary and permanent fairs.

ExpoPolis is a tech company specialising in the creation of Internet sites for the professional organisation of virtual fairs.

A forerunner in the field with considerable experience, ExpoPolis has developed high-performance software that it works to continually improve. Thus, thanks to ExpoPolis, you can organise temporary or permanent fairs with the help of a solution that is equipped to meet the specific needs of different sectors.

"We have been focused on innovation for over 12 years. Our modular model is unique and ensures that we have a solution for every situation! Moreover, any investment we make is always in line with the needs of our customers, society, and developments in technology."

Pascale Van Kerckhove and Thibault Van der Auwermeulen

Co-founder ExpoPolis

‘Made in France’ technology

The ExpoPolis solution has been developed in France since day one, more precisely in Sophia-Antipolis and Nice (Alpes-Maritimes).

Grey label software

The ExpoPolis solution is a system which operates in SAAS (Software As A Service) mode. Developed using HTML5 and responsive design, it is operational immediately after ordering. Additionally, it can be used from any computer or mobile device (smartphone, tablet) and is compatible with Windows, Apple and Android operating systems.

Customisable branding and integration

As an event organiser, you can offer your exhibitors a wide range of powerful tools that will allow them:

to personalise their booths;

to add as many contacts as necessary, with each contact being able to personalise their logo.

to interact with visitors (chat - direct messages - videoconferencing - make appointments)

to provide visitors with various information mediums: images, downloadable documents, URLs, videos, presentations, contact sheets, links to social network sites, etc...

An elegant design with intuitive ergonomics

The ExpoPolis solution has a sleek design and has been designed for intuitive use. Highly graphical, the 3D booths are made up using a wide range of themes and additionally they are highly customisable! With the help of different tools, organisers and exhibitors have complete control of the visual graphics for their booths.

Detailed statistics

Thanks to dynamic interactive dashboards, you will be able to follow the statistical developments of your show as they happen. You will also have detailed visit statistics at your disposal. Data that you can export in just one click!

Single fair or multi-fair platform

At ExpoPolis, each fair project has its own dedicated server and database. This allows us to offer an unlimited number of booths and to go into multi-fair mode.

A competitive ROI

In just a few years, the ExpoPolis business model has become a key player in its sector while continuing to offer its clients a great return on investment.

Our prices are extremely attractive and competitive compared to other solutions on the market. As for our skills, they remain unrivalled to this day!

ExpoPolis team

Thanks to its many high-performance, hands-on and resolutely forward-looking tools, ExpoPolis is a reliable and high-performance solution that allows any company to provide information and communicate with its customers. To find out more, contact us for an online demonstration. We will present the solution and show you how to adapt it to your market and specific needs.