Company experience

Quite simply because developing software that enables the efficient organisation of virtual and hybrid fairs is not something that can be taken lightly! It requires experience and time and the ability to be attentive to needs; it is a process of continuous development.

Our company

Our solution is based on many years of experience. The business model was drafted in 2000 and we started programming in 2009. Since then, the software has been constantly evolving with three different versions and many sub-versions. We have one watchword: continuous improvement!

Pascale Van Kerckhove
Thibault Van der Auwermeulen

Co-founder ExpoPolis


Many points of reference are identical to those found at physical fairs

At ExpoPolis, we do everything we can to ensure that users are able to find their usual bearings. Those bearings that one would typically find at a physical fair. All this while optimising the principle of online visits.

Organize a hybrid fair


10 other reasons that make all the difference...

It is important that visitors are able to find the information they are looking for very quickly. Our software allows you to structure your fair in such a way that this is possible.