ExpoPolis is currently experiencing rapid growth. The latter is done very instinctively on a human level and with respect for its founders’ values.

ExpoPolis is the meeting of two minds with one and the same vision

At the origin of ExpoPolis is its two founders :

Pascale Van Kerckhove and Thibault Van der Auwermeulen

Both have been fortunate to have always seen things the same way. Surrounded by their loyal (childhood) friends, close to nature and inspired by their honest values, they have been able to develop their innate creative and enduring spirit.

Pascale and Thibault are real visionaries. In 2000, their first business plan detailed everything going on in the world today! Convinced about the direction of their project, they “held their own” against all the odds for many years.

Putting users at the heart of innovation to fully meet their needs

The course of the virtual world has been quite classical in the way it has evolved: Pascale and Thibault started in 2009 with real time 3D.

After several client experiences, they quickly began to understand the overriding need to be able to meet very specific needs:

Allowing exhibitors to present their offer without technical limits;
Facilitating the connection between visitors and exhibitors in the most effective way;
Allowing visitors to quickly find the information they are looking for;
Providing detailed statistics

A complementarity that gives one the permanent strength to question what already exists in order to aim for a better solution!

The varied professional backgrounds of the two founding members gives them experience in very distinct fields:

Thibault Van der Auwermeulen

A versatile and expert entrepreneur:

strategy, innovation, consultancy, negotiation, marketing, organisation.

Trilingual : Dutch, French, English.

His background

Initiator of the “Marketing for the public sector” entity within the Marketing Federation in Belgium.
Public sector consultant for several IT companies.
Magazine editor for the public sector
Congress and conference organiser.

It was Thibault who came up with the idea for ExpoPolis and who wrote the first detailed business plan in 2000.

Pascale Van Kerckhove

A successful, creative, and tough entrepreneur

strategy, functional & technical analyses, design, project management, organisation.

Quadrilingual : French, English, Dutch, Italian.

Her background

A seminar organiser for an American IT company, Pascale then became Promotions & PR Manager for a British company. At the same time, she took on the challenge of studying as a fashion stylist / designer. With her diploma in hand, she went on to launch her own fashion house which organised several shows mixing culture and fashion. She also concentrated on interior design projects.

Collective intelligence - serving a memorable virtual user experience

Thanks to their many different strengths, the two founders have created a solution that meets the specific needs of organisers, exhibitors, and visitors. Pascale and Thibault have always interacted with their customers and are attentive to their needs. They have developed a strong relationship with each of them and always with a constructive goal in mind.

Every exhibitor and visitor comment is taken into account and helps improve their solution development. This is why ExpoPolis is able to provide a well-tested platform that meets the specific needs of its users. While, at the same time, remaining very intuitive, classy, and aesthetically pleasing!

A corporate culture where everyone has an important role to play

In recent months, the ExpoPolis team has grown considerably; we pride ourselves on our mutually supportive family spirit which is an integral part of our everyday life. At ExpoPolis, everyone has their own role to play and their own individual strengths. No one hesitates to share their experiences internally. On the contrary, everyone is committed to serving our customers as efficiently as possible, and our customers realise this. With us, it's "technical and service oriented" or "service and technical oriented": two essential points!

Continuous development is key at ExpoPolis. The founders’ ideas are continually flowing, and all are projected into a medium/long term future plan. We’re not going to use fancy words like "marketing" or talk about "business ethics". Rather we prefer to talk about our ideas, our reflective processes, our common sense, our hard work, our ability to listen and how our continuous exchanges and humanity, instinct, and perseverance shape us and the way we work.

You too can join the trade show organizers and more than 50,000 exhibitors who have trusted the ExpoPolis solution