From its inception in 2009, ExpoPolis has positioned itself as a complementary virtual solution for physical events. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has showcased the multiple possibilities that our platform can offer the world in this area.

At ExpoPolis, our aim is not to replace physical events. Quite the opposite!

Our solution actually allows you to add value.

Many of our clients have realised this for themselves: the hybridisation of fairs (physical fairs + virtual fairs) makes it possible to break down borders and put a stop to the difficulties that some of your visitors may encounter: distance, cost, time.

Let ExpoPolis help you facilitate the transition from physical to virtual fairs.

ExpoPolis has always listened to the needs of its users, which is why our solution uses all known physical event markers. In addition, contact between visitors and exhibitors is given pride of place as much as possible, in particular through the use of our “chatroom” and "direct messaging" features.

Before, during and after your fair: promote your exhibitors and partners through a unique digital shop window

In short, ExpoPolis means ...

More visibility for your partners
Thanks to our fully modular virtual booths

A logistical assistant
Our logistical tools help you organise your physical fair

Open networking
Your visitors can interact with exhibitors during and after the physical event

A way to optimise attendance at your fairs
Between two editions of your physical event, you will be able to attract new visitors with the virtual version

A community space
which allows you to manage a "community" for your conference participants and partners

A place for conferences and events
Live or pre-recorded conferences and events, with recordings available after the event

Professionals do not always have time to attend all fairs pertaining to their business. The problem: distance or finances. Likewise, visitors cannot afford to attend all events that interest them. This is where the real added value of virtual fairs comes into play!

Thanks to our dynamic and efficient platform, you can keep in touch with your customers all year round outside of your physical fairs and despite any unexpected and uncontrollable societal and/or health crises which may arise. And it’s also perfect for giving your customers access to information from your fair even after the event is over!

ExpoPolis team

How does it work?

ExpoPolis is a grey label software tool that allows you to create a platform to stay in touch with all your users. You have the freedom to offer a virtual booth to your exhibitors, with no limit on numbers! You also decide when to open your virtual fair and to whom. Thanks to our wide range of unique add-ons, you can truly personalise your event. The same goes for your exhibitors to whom you can offer different modules: product and service catalogues, employment modules, event publications, communities, etc. Their practicality means some of our client-organisers even use our online tools to prepare for their physical fairs. Indeed, they ask their exhibitors to fill out a form in preparation for these. By doing this they can export data to print their catalogues.

As you can see, we have developed a very advanced solution that is easy to use and offers resolutely useful and future-oriented features. Contact us for an online presentation. We will show you in images how you can get the most out of your event.